Grundfos 40S50-15 (11894515) Submersible Pump 5 HP, 230V, 4" MTR, 2" NPT, 3-wire, 1 PH, 32.6" Pump End

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Product Description:

Grundfos 40S50-15 (11894515) is a 5 HP 230V Submersible Multistage Well Pump with 4" Motor and 32.6" Pump End (15 Stages) - made for 4" and larger wells or boreholes, recommended for domestic ground water market (approved for drinking water), irrigation/raw water supply, dewatering, groundwater lowering and pressure boosting and is suitable for pumping clean, non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibers and designed for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.


Grundfos Well Pump can be used in closed and open automatic water systems with different type of installation components and configuration. Standard installation requires SA-SPM5 (91126218) control box, check valves (recommended every 100'), torque arrestor, pressure switch and should include typical accessories such as lightning arrestor, expansion tank, pressure controls, gate valve, relief valve and tank valve drain - all are sold separately (see included PDF files). Additionally, enhanced protection capability and closer data monitoring can be provided by MP 204 motor protection unit with R 100 remote control.


The Pump is completely encapsulated in Stainless steel and suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. Grundfos Water Well Pump has 2" NPT discharge with head capacity of 430', maximum 104F operating liquid temperature and is fitted with a built-in non-return valve to minimize the risk of water hammering damage. Grundfos Well Pump boasts patented Stainless Steel Cylindrical Shaft, Nitrile Radial Bellows Type Shaft-Seal and is retrofitted with NBR Rubber, Vectra LCP and Tungsten carbide to handle the rigors of contaminated groundwater pumping with long-lasting reliability. Grundfos 40S50-15 is provided with a sand shield and pressure-equalizing diaphragm. Over temperature protection is provided with bi-metallic overloads. Specially designed Michell Type Carbon/Ceramic Thrust Bearing with Heavy-duty 1500 lb. thrust capacity, exceeds NEMA ratings. Grundfos 4 inch Submersible Water Well Pump utilizes High-grade 304 Series Stainless Steel construction for all vital components including impellers, diffuser, shaft, guide vanes, coupling and hardware. The Motor fill fluid (SML2) provides bearing lubrication, protects the motor from freezing down to 4F, prevents the growth of bacteria and requires no additional lubrication. A user friendly cable guard aids in ease of installation.


Powerful, permanent split capacitor (PSC), 5 HP single-phase MS 4000 motor (3450 RPM), delivers 40 GPM at 310', producing high efficiency output within a wide load range. Grundfos submersible motor is especially design to work underwater. In a canned type motor, the Stator Windings are enamel wire, hermetically sealed from the surroundings and filled with embedding material in order to withhold the windings and at the same time increase heat transfer. The motor has thrust and journal bearing system which runs hydrodynamically in the water-based motor liquid, consists of upper and lower radial bearings as well as upthrust and downthrust bearings.

Internal Water Circulation System of Grundfos 40S50-15 enhances motor cooling, where the clean water circulates around the entire motor, transferring heat away from windings and rotor and lubricating the bearing systems. Grundfos Water Well Pump features include filter check valve, pressure equalization diaphragm, sand slinger, epoxy coated bearing support, built-in surge protection and polyurethane self healing resin, provide superior reliability, higher efficiency and longer lifetime operation.


  • SA-SPM5 Control box is required for 3-wire single phase applications (sold separately);
  • Built-in, jam-free check valve guarantees smooth running with fail-safe operation of the well pump;
  • All High-grade Stainless Steel pump construction and components for increased durability and reliability;
  • No lead-leaching components for maximum safety and health protection;
  • Built-in sand bearing minimizes the sand damage and increases pump life, as well as offering protection against upthrust;
  • User-friendly cable guard for the easiest installation among submersible pumps;
  • Grundfos submersible well pump features stainless steel construction including impellers, diffusers, shafts, vanes, cable guards, couplings;
  • 304 Series Stainless Steel is the best available material to resist wear and corrosion in water system applications;
  • NEMA Mounting Dimensions;
  • CSA Certified / UL Recognized;

Technical Specifications of Grundfos 40S50-15:

  • Maximum liquid temperature: 104F;
  • Speed for pump data: 3450 rpm;
  • Max. Flow: 54 gpm;
  • Resulting head of the pump: 312';
  • Pump: Stainless steel;
  • Pump: DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301;
  • Pump: AISI 304;
  • Impeller: Stainless steel;
  • Impeller: DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301;
  • Impeller: AISI 304;
  • Pump outlet: 2" NPT;
  • Motor diameter: 4";
  • Power (P2) required by pump: 5.22 HP;
  • Main frequency: 60 Hz;
  • Start. method: 1 phase: PSC, 2W, 3W;


Grundfos Well Pumps Product Guide (pdf)
Grundfos Well Pumps Brochure (pdf)
Grundfos Well Pumps Manual (pdf)
Grundfos Well Pumps Datasheet (pdf)

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