Grundfos 5SQ05-140 (96160164) Submersible Pump 1/2 HP, 115V, 3" MTR, 1" NPT, 2-wire, 10.6" Pump End

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Product Description:

Grundfos 5SQ05-140 (96160164) is a Submersible Multistage Well Pump 1/2 HP, 115 V, 3" MTR, 1" NPT, 2-wire - designed for residential or agricultural water systems as well as industrial facilities, for use in 3" or larger wells or boreholes and is ideal for the pumping of raw water under pressure from deep sources to domestic water supply, irrigation applications, groundwater supply to waterworks, liquid transfer in tanks, pressure boosting, groundwater lowering and small waterworks, suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation.

Grundfos 5SQ05-140 - 3 inch Well Pump features Stainless Steel Construction which includes motor Stator, Rotor and Pump sleeve with Polyamide valve casing, built to withstand the harshest conditions and to ensure rust resistance, with all exposed component parts made of premium, corrosion resistant materials for longer service life. Grundfos Water Well Pump has 1" NPT stainless steel discharge with head capacity of 210' and maximum 140F operating ambient temperature. The internal built-in check valve with a spring lets you operate the pump in any position from vertical to horizontal (or in any position in between) provides positive seal, prevents backflow and ensures system pressure. New SQ Series Water Pump utilizes corrosion-resistant 304 Type stainless steel hardware, cable guard and NBR rubber parts (O-ring seal, Valve seat, Top bearing and Lip seal ring) for ultimate durability. Grundfos Submersible Well Pump boasts Polyamide "floating" Impellers, each utilizing its own tungsten carbide/ceramic bearing for the ultimate performance and functionality, making it wear resistant, especially in sandy conditions.

Powerful, permanent magnet rotor type, 1/2 HP single-phase motor (10700 RPM) with Grundfos's own micro frequency converter and carbon thrust bearings protects against downthrust, delivers 5 GPM at 140', producing high efficiency output within a wide load range. Submersible MS 3 motor of Grundfos 5SQ05-140 is build for heavy-duty performance with long-lasting reliability, has specially designed water-lubricated slide bearings and is factory-filled with a special Grundfos motor liquid (SML 2), which protects the motor from freezing down to 4F, prevents the growth of bacteria and requires no additional lubrication. Integrated Dry-Run protection, Soft-Start, Constant Pressure Control, built-in "Smart" Motor Protection with automatic restart, shields against up-thrust, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overtemperature, making it truly the most technically superior motor. Grundfos 5SQ05-140 is ideal for new installs and provides an innovative alternative for replacement applications.


  • Soft start allows preventing water hammering and electrical disturbances (2 seconds to reach maximum rpm, and maximum pressure);
  • High starting torque even at low supply voltage, delivers a reliable water supply;
  • Over load protection shields the motor against unstable voltage supply by reducing speed or stopping the pump;
  • Dry running protection stops and prevents the pump from damage in case of dry running;
  • Automatic re-start ensures a reliable water supply when ever possible;
  • Only on/off switch is needed, which means that no extra motor starter/starter box is necessary;
  • The SQ series designed for simple and quick installation to save valuable time and labor cost;
  • Features High Starting Torque;
  • Built-in "Smart" Motor Protection with automatic restart and thermal overload protection;
  • The motor is equipped with a replaceable cable plug;

Technical Specifications of Grundfos 5SQ05-140:

  • Maximum liquid temperature: 95F;
  • Max liquid temperature at 0.15 m/sec: 95F;
  • Speed for pump data: 10700 rpm;
  • Max. Flow: 8 gpm;
  • Rated head: 174';
  • Approvals on nameplate: UL, cUL;
  • Approvals on motor nameplate: CE,UL,CUL;
  • Pump: Polyethylene / Stainless steel;
  • Pump: DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301;
  • Motor: Stainless steel;
  • Motor: DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301;
  • Motor: AISI 304;
  • Pump outlet: NPT 1;
  • Minimum borehole diameter: 2.99";
  • Motor type: MS3;
  • Power input- P1: 1.09 kW;
  • Rated power- P2: 0.939 HP;
  • Main frequency: 60 Hz;
  • Rated voltage: 1 x 100-115 V;
  • Start. method: direct-on-line;
  • Service factor: 1,85;
  • Rated current: 12 A;
  • Power factor: 1,00;
  • Rated speed: 10700 rpm;
  • Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): 58;
  • Insulation class (IEC 85): F;
  • Length of cable: 4.92';


Grundfos SQ/SQE Installation and Operating Instructions (pdf)
Grundfos 5SQ05-140 Specifications (pdf)
Grundfos SQE System Sizing (pdf)

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